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 Eaton/Cooper Interconnect, Burton Electronics, G&H Technology, General Connector, Viking Electronics
Air Electro, HellermannTyton, PAAL Technologies

  • Eaton Cooper Interconnect Eaton connectors, cables, and non-explosive actuators (including G&H Technology and Burton products and Cooper Interconnect, WPI, General Connector, Cable Systems Mutron, and Viking Electronics legacy brands).

  D38999 Series III and IV                                                  






       Separation Devices                              


  Space and Launch           
                  • Cryogenic Connectors
                  • High Temperature Disconnects
                  • Highly- Integrated umbilicals
                  • Launch umbilicals
                  • Integrated-seperations connectors
                  • Low imparted shock solutions
                  • NASA SSQ 21635 NATC connectors
                  • Blind mate rack and panel
                  • Dead face
                  • Electrical and mechanical release
                  • PRODUCT CATALOG 
                  • SPACE and LAUNCH CAPABILITIES CATALOG                                                                                         

                                Sub Sea Connectors and Cable Assemblies                                     

D38999 Series IV Accessories     

                    • Covers
                    • Connector savers
                    • Dummy stowage
                    • Dust Caps
                    • Tools
                    • For a catalog download the D38999 series catalogs shown


                • Miscellaneous Connectors
                • Snap Lok - miniature circular connectors easy mate and unmate
                • Thorkom - platic miniature circular connectors easy mate and unmute
                • 133/143 series card edge connectors
                • 80 series microphone connectors
                • 77,78 and 160 series
                • Product Catalog  

 Boeing BACC Parts






Heat shrink moulded shapes iconHeat shrink moulded shapes

Heat Shrink Moulded Shapes, End Caps and Breakouts, unlined and adhesive lined, 2-way up to 6-way Outlet Shapes.   
90°and 45° angle boots, Transitions, Y-outlets, VG-style shapes. End Caps and Breakouts for low voltage applications, two component epoxy adhesive and hot melt adhesive tape. 

Heat shrink moulded T-shape Helashrink 1202-1-G recovered onto a cable harnessHeat shrink moulded shapes with adhesive liner

Helashrink moulded shapes with adhesive liner allow for very precise fitting,
extremely robust connections and excellent corrosion protection at branches in string cabling.

Heat shrink moulded shape Helashrink 1100 recovered onto a connectorHeat shrink moulded shapes Helashrink Series 1100

The right-angled, moulded heat shrink shapes of the Helashrink Series 1100 provide strain relief and mechanical protection for connector-cable connections with circular connectors.

HEK heat shrink End Caps with adhesive liner for insulation sealing of cable ends.HEK Heat Shrink End Caps

HEK End Caps are used to seal cable ends during storage and transportation. The adhesive lining provides an excellent seal environmental seal

Heat shrink moulded shapes

A complete overview of our heat shrink moulded shapes you will find in the moulded shapes brochure:

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